Standigm discovers drugs using AI, saving time and cost when compared to traditional methods. Our AI reveals the patterns hiding in the today’s biomedical data that will lead to tomorrow’s medicines.


Drugs can take a decade of research and over a billion dollars' worth of development before they reach the market. Resources are wasted in the pre-discovery phase through a trial and error process that yields more error than success.

There are hidden insights in biomedical data, waiting to be discovered and to lead towards promising drug candidates.

Unfortunately, these patterns are too complex and diffuse to be detected by the human mind; this is where a more powerful solution comes in – Standigm’s latest artificial intelligence technologies.


Standigm removes the traditional guesswork from data analysis by using our innovative AI, automatically examining whole biomedical databases to learn what is hiding just out of sight.

By applying our state-of-the-art machine learning technology to real data, we eliminate some of the uncertainty in the drug discovery process; instead of fishing in the dark for effective treatments, we can focus on developing candidates that are primed for success.

Standigm cuts through the noise and presents data that are most pertinent to the treatment of diseases, saving time and money by shortening the development cycle.

Standigm recognizes that the biomedical data are neither clean nor simple; we ingest various databases, established biological models, published texts, and other sources into a comprehensive corpus of information. We then do the heavy lifting of parsing the dataset to make it actionable.
Once we have the dataset organized, we run it through our artificial intelligence system. Our AI automatically analyzes the innumerable ways the data can be combined and configured to create weight-optimized, deep learning models based on rules hidden in the data. Not only does our AI generate models, but it also provides an explanation of how these models were generated, offering necessary insight for researchers.
From these AI models, we then provide biological interpretations of how the implicated drug compounds would interact with people in the real world. This information is crucial to effectively decide which drugs to assemble and test, leading to viable solutions from the promising candidates.

Standigm Secures $44.5 M in Pre-IPO Funding Round

March 05, 2021

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Standigm Inc. (“Standigm”), a leading Korean Artificial Intelligence (AI) company for drug discovery, announces today that it has closed $44.5 million in a pre-IPO funding round co-led by SKS PE and Daishin Private Equity. The round was joined by new investors in banking and technology, including SKS PE, Daishin Private Equity, InterVest, KDB Bank, and Asset One, with follow-on investments from Standigm’s Series B investors Kakao Ventures, LB Investment, Atinum Investment, DSC Investment, and Wonik Investment Partners. Standigm’s second-largest shareholder, SK holdings, also participated through acquiring existing shares. The closing marks the last round of funding before Standigm goes to its planned initial public offering (IPO) on the Korea Exchange (KRX) later this year.

Standigm and SK Chemicals Repurpose FDA-approved Drug into Rheumatoid Arthritis Candidate and Apply for Patent through their Open Innovation Partnership

January 07, 2021

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Standigm Inc. (“Standigm”), an artificial intelligence (AI)-based drug discovery company and SK Chemicals Co., Ltd. (“SK Chemicals”), a life science and green chemicals company, announce today that they have successfully found a new rheumatoid arthritis indication for an FDA-approved drug and have filed a patent. This is the first successful result of their open innovation partnership, formed in July 2019.

Standigm and SK holdings C&C Release an AI-Based Target Identification Platform, iCLUE&ASK™, to Accelerate Drug Discovery Process

September 29, 2020

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Standigm Inc. (“Standigm”), an artificial intelligence (AI)-based drug discovery company, and SK holdings C&C, Co., Ltd. (“SK holdings C&C”), a specialized Information and communications technology company, announced today that they opened their AI-based target identification platform, iCLUE&ASK™, on a trial basis to the public. The platform offers to prioritize protein targets for a query disease and provide the results with evidence through an interactive user interface.
June 3-6, 2019
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Jinhan Kim, Standigm CEO is supposed to attend the BIO International Convention 2019.

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March 5-6, 2019
Tokyo, Japan
Hee Jung Koo and Daehee Han will attend the BIO Asia International Conference 2019.

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June 4-7, 2018
Boston, MA, USA
Jinhan Kim, Standigm CEO, and Heejung Koo will attend the BIO International Convention 2018.

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March 19-20, 2018
Tokyo, Japan
Jinhan Kim, Standigm CEO, and Daehee Han will attend the BIO Asia International Conference 2018.

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