Standigm launched new AI driven drug discovery services to the industry


Standigm announced today that it has launched two AI-driven drug discovery services, Expander and Hunter. Expander is a service that new and better indications for customer’s in-house compounds. By using Expander service, pharmaceutical companies are now able to achieve a quick identification of a novel clinical use for their existing drugs with low cost and effort. Hunter, another service other than Expander, discovers repositioned lead compounds tailored to customer’s interest. Hunter is based on Standigm’s state-of-the-art AI technology and searches for potential drugs, protein targets to combat the specific diseases that our customers are interested in.  .

“This launch of our two new services will give the pharmaceutical companies chances to taste AI-driven drugs with minimized costs and risks.” said Jinhan Kim, CEO of Standigm. “We are anticipating that our services will facilitate AI-driven drug discovery process for the cautious pharmaceutical industry and hopefully our services help to get the AI-driven drug era closer.”

The launch of the new serivces will be officially announced on Nov 8th at the Bio Europe 2017.

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